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The Charm of Wetlands in Sardinia: Over a Thousand Visitors in the World Wetlands Day Event Calendar in Sardinia"

With over 30 events, from January 27 to March 10, 2024, the MEDSEA World Wetlands Day in Sardinia comes to a close. The initiative, which falls in the month when wetlands are globally celebrated (World Wetlands Day, February 2), especially those of international RAMSAR significance, has involved various locations in Sardinia this year. From the Naturalistic Observatory on the Island of Culuccia for the wetland area of Porto Liscia in the north of the island, continuing along the eastern side with the Tepilora Park and the initiative of the Environmental Education Centers CEAS in Bitti, Posada, Torpé, and Lodé, to the Tortolì Lagoon with the Fishermen's Cooperative. And, again, the Molentargius Regional Natural Park, as well as in the Santa Gilla Lagoon with kayak excursions. 

From the dunes and the lagoon system of Porto Pino, in Sulcis, the events on the western coast of Sardinia mainly concerned the Oristano area with the extraordinary openings of Torre Vecchia di Marceddì, in Terralba, which involved over 200 people in two days, as well as mountain bike excursions along the San Giovanni and Santa Maria Ponds with Afni, Selas, Mar.Eco, and Bicciu’s Bike, with almost thirty cycling enthusiasts. Birdwatching activities with the Alea cooperative in the Cabras pond and in the Mistras pond were very appreciated and participated. 

The meeting on February 18, among the most attended of the calendar, was held in the S’Ena Arrubia pond hosted by the Sant’Andrea Fishermen's Cooperative for an in-depth look at the environmental and ecological value of wetlands, the biodiversity and avifaunal richness of the Arborea pond, as well as the economic and productive value of lagoon environments. The initiative, organized by Lipu Oristano, Sant’Andrea Fishermen's Cooperative, and in collaboration with the MEDSEA Foundation, saw the participation of Vania Statzu, vice president of MEDSEA and environmental economist.  


Also in Arborea, the fishing cooperative operating under the Nieddittas brand hosted numerous visitors on three weekends dedicated to the "naturalistic path in the protected wetland area of Corru Mannu". 

In the Sassari area, an appointment with the secondary schools of Fertilia in an educational path of observation and analysis of the biodiversity of the Calich Lagoon, organised by the Ceas of Porto Conte; last but not least, an ecological walk along the Baratz pond, organized by the Earth Gardeners Association. 


There were over 50 contributions posted with the hashtag #WWDSardegna from February 2 to March 10, 2024 (here the contest’s page). Photos and videos from all over Sardinia that tell of the special bond between wetlands and people, this year's theme of World Wetlands Day. 


“The Gang” by birbi94 on Instagram

A look at the wetlands that now goes under the evaluation of the MEDSEA team for the choice of the most relevant contributions that will be communicated by MEDSEA social channels by March 30.

Thank you all for participating and see you next time!


Cover photo:

S’Ena Arrubia, Manuela Fa

Cycling in the Terralba ponds, Afni Sardegna

Visiting the Calich pond, Ceas Porto Conte

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