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Petit Noirs: From Senegal to Arborea to Combat Illegal Immigration with Mussel Farming

Sustainable mussel farming in Arborea becomes an international example with a project linking Dakar, Senegal, with Sardinia, aiming to combat illegal immigration and generate economic opportunities. 

On March 6, 2024, a Senegalese delegation visited the Nieddittas facilities in Arborea to learn about sustainable practices, part of the Petit Noirs project from the "TOGG FII, A Reason to Stay'' program. 

Promoted by Sandalia and supported by the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Oristano, with coordination by MEDSEA, the exchange project supports the circular economy in Thiaroye-Sur-Mer, involving female fishers and young people fighting illegal immigration by developing economic opportunities in fishing and mussel farming. 

During the visit to the Nieddittas facilities, guests had the opportunity to delve into the various stages of mussel production, from purification to selection, up to the packaging process. A significant moment was the tasting of local products, demonstrating the link between the quality of the work and the positive impact of the project. Cristiana Mura from Nieddittas specifically highlighted the importance of the initiative: "It is a great pride for us to welcome a team that, despite operating thousands of kilometres away, has chosen to focus on mussel farming as a lever to promote emancipation and social and youth progress, thus also tackling the challenge of illegal immigration." 

Valentina De Seneen, Councilor for Productive Activities of the Municipality of Oristano, added: "Through this collaboration, we aim to advance sustainable proposals for aquaculture. The 'Petites Noires' project includes a series of informational, educational, and exchange activities, involving local operators such as Nieddittas of Arborea and Varpesca of Olbia. Thanks to the support of our partners, including Sandalia, Vida Oristano, and the MEDSEA Foundation, we aim to generate tangible benefits for the region, through initiatives aimed at recovering and valorizing by-products of fishing and the agri-food sector, and campaigns to reduce food waste." 


The Mayor of Oristano, Massimiliano Mura, was also present at the meeting. 

Pictures provided by Nieddittas 



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