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The first network of companies committed in the circular economy for the sea in Sardinia is born, the meeting at Blue Waves on 2 July

Sardinian companies are betting on the sustainable future of the island by committing to a more "circular" development: the Blue Community of MEDSEA is born, the first network of companies operating in Sardinia in the green and blue economy.

On 2 July 2021, at the Lazzaretto in Cagliari, they will meet at the first edition of Blue Waves, the first event on the circular economy for the sea in Sardinia. The round tables will have some leading companies in environmental commitment, to share projects, best practices and think about common goals and ambitions for the future of our island.

CEOs and executives from companies operating in Sardinia, such as Nieddittas, Grimaldi Group, Edilana, Latte Arborea and Cooperativa Produttori Arborea, will meet and discuss in the round tables on three topics: blue economy, agriculture and tourism.

In the introduction, Francesca Santoro, Unesco oceanographer will share activities for the United Nations Decade of the Sea, and two members of the Prada Group who, Pamela Bussi from the sustainability team and Marta Monaco, from the Corporate Communication team, will talk about the company's commitment to the ocean and the environment. As MEDSEA ambassadors for the protection of our ocean, the Sardinian athletes Marta Maggetti, windsurfer, representing Italy at the Tokyo Olympics, and Sofia Bonicalza, athletics champion and marine biologist, will be speaking at Blue Waves.

"Sardinia offers many possibilities to experiment circular and sustainable economic models that take full advantage of the great natural legacy we have inherited to give it back to future generations even more beautiful and preserved - Alessio Satta, president of the MEDSEA Foundation, says - this approach is starting to become a new way of being, communicating and doing business today: some national realities have already taken up the challenge, beautiful Sardinian and innovative startup and enterprises were already born with these assumptions or they are rethinking the way they are doing business. With the Blue Community we have created a group open to all companies that want to make a difference and with Blue Waves the first event about it".

"The Blue Waves logo shows the distinctive trait of the MEDSEA waves, originally designed by the recently deceased designer Stefano Asili, and taken up by his son Enrico: the waves of the sea - Satta explains - can be the vibrant element that, with wave and perpetual motion, driven by the wind, could influence entrepreneurs, institutions and citizens in Sardinia and throughout the Mediterranean area. A call to action is more than ever needed, the transition to a circular economy that requires structural change must be accelerated and innovation is the cornerstone of this change. We need to rethink our ways of production and consumption, develop new technologies capable of transforming waste into resources and we need creative technologies, processes, services and business models that shape the future of our economy and society towards a reconciliation with nature. ".

The event will be broadcast live in Italian language on the social media channels - facebook and instagram - of the MEDSEA foundation, on 2 July from 5 pm till 8. The Blue Waves program is available at

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