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Maristanis: Terre d'Acqua 2022, a wetlands school competition by MEDSEA in the Oristanese

On February 2, the World Wetlands Day will be celebrated once again the Oristanese wetlands region.  

To recall the central role of wetlands in addressing climate and environmental crisis and to raise awareness of the importance of these basins especially in this west coast side of Sardinia, within the Maristanis project. 
From January, 25th to February, 25th all primary (classes IV and V) and secondary schools (first and second level), from the 11 municipalities of the Maristanis project (Arborea, Arbus, Cabras, Guspini, Nurachi, Oristano, Palmas Arborea, Riola Sardo, San Vero Milis, Santa Giusta and Terralba) can take part to the Terre d'Acqua Competition and create a visual message to promote local wetlands.  
Participation can be individual, at a group or class level. 
The official theme of this year is "Value, manage, restore, love" and this competition aims to be an opportunity to deepen the theme of enhancement, with the aim of disseminating the importance of wetlands and their essential role in addressing ongoing environmental challenges. 

The intent is also to deliver, on a visual and communicative level, the system of values ​​that inextricably binds the inhabitants to the environment of the wetlands, with a message that can also be accessible for a communication on a national scale which will then be developed in the communication of the promotional site and of the project together with the municipalities involved within the Maristanis project. 

Two sections in the competition: drawing and comics 

Two formats in the competition will be accepted: drawing and comics, accompanied by a slogan or a message that promotes these places.  
Concerning the comic strip, it will be accepted unpublished, illustrated short story. The comic must not exceed a single page and should always have the aim of spreading knowledge and promoting wetlands. 

As a prize, a wetland kit and a guided tour to the Torre Vecchia di Marceddì

The winning classes, one per section and per school category, will be rewarded with an educational kit on wetlands consisting of digital and paper material and a guided tour to the Torre Vecchia di Marceddì, in the lagoon of Terralba.
All participating classes will receive the MEDSEA certificate as Wetland Ambassadors. 

To enter to the Terre D’Acqua Competition 

Enter the Terre d’acqua Competition!  Send the application form by 12 noon on Tuesday 25 January 2022, and send the documents no later than 18:00 on Friday 25 February 2022. 

The application must be submitted using the form (annex a), signed by the class representative and accompanied by a copy of his / her identity document and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject "Terre d'Acqua AWARD" . 
The work (s) must be sent online by 18:00 on Friday 25 February 2022 to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. accompanied by the release for the use of the audio / video and photographic material (annex b), from signed privacy policy (annex C) and the authorization to the processing of the personal data (annex d). 

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