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La Casa di Sophia invites you to visit the adopted vineyard in Spiaggia Grande on April, 30th and May, 1st

An invitation to the vineyard on 30 April and 1 May 2022 with La Casa di Sophia, winery and collective project for the recovery of the centenary vineyard of Spiaggia Grande, Calasetta, in Sant'Antioco, Sardinia. 

Luisa Camoglio, promoter and owner of the winery - among the companies of the Blue Community of Medsea - invites the associates, “adoptive fathers and mothers” of the vineyard, and all wine and Carignano lovers, interested in the project or photographers, to initiative-event "A Piedi sull'Isola 2" to carry out together the fourth pouring with lunch and wine tastings of of the Istmo 2021 vintage!  

In the afternoon participants will visit the "adopted" beach of Spiaggia Grande to enjoy the budding of plants and the extraordinary landscape along the cliff overlooking the sea. 

Appointment in the afternoon of May, 1st also at Macc, Museum of Contemporary Art of Calasetta, for the first artisan Carignano fair. 

Conventions for overnight stays in the area also possible. 

 Info and reservations, Luisa Camoglio: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // +39 347 973 7575. 


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