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The Annual Conference of Italian Association of Environmental and Resources Economist (IAERE) with MEDSEA kicks off in Cagliari

Only few days before two important events dedicated to the future of the Mediterranean start their works. Hosted by the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Cagliari, the tenth edition of the Annual Conference of Italian Association of Environmental and Resources Economist (IAERE) opens in Cagliari on 21 April. On the 22nd, in organizational and thematic continuity, the first Conference of the Associations of the Economy for the Mediterranean Environment (MED-IAERE) will follow. 

For decades, the environmental integrity of the Mediterranean, its waters, its coasts and its wetlands, have been degraded by human activity. Urbanization, pollution and out-of-control fishing activities have combined with the wider and more dangerous phenomenon of climate change. Today the ecosystems and the economic activities that characterize them face serious risks. In this regard, the conference will benefit from the speech by Carlo Carraro, rector Emeritus and professor at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, member of the IPCC and one of the leading experts on climate change in Italy. 

The Cagliari meetings, which celebrate a decade of IAERE prolific activity, wish to relaunch the strategies discussed in 2019 at the annual conference of European Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) in Manchester, inhibited in their further developments by the outbreak of the pandemic. A new network of relationships and knowledge must bring forward the demand for a Mediterranean protected by an idea of ​​sustainable development. The two round tables, which will also be attended by representatives of the organizations that work for Euro-Mediterranean cooperation within the European Community, will discuss risks, problems, proposals and policies capable of giving substance to research and scientific exchange. 

Our Foundation, since its origins engaged in the parallel promotion of environmental protection and economic development in the Mediterranean, is a member of the organizing committee with Vania Statzu, MEDSEA vice-president and environmental economist: 

“It is certainly an honor for us to have become part of this international event. The new approach to environmental issues must take into consideration the productive and social aspects. The study of production, consumption and disposal are essential moments of a rigorous approach to sustainable development. Green New Deal, PNRR and policies such as Farm-to-Fork clearly demonstrate the need to adopt practices that are less and less impactful. With its numerous projects MEDSEA has always worked to keep together a better management of ecosystems, and at the same time convince economic actors of the material benefits that can be obtained from the use of practices that respect the environment". 

In addition to having participated in the organization, on Saturday 23 MEDSEA will speak at a section of the conference dedicated to the presentation of some European projects. An opportunity to show experiences and results of MedArtSal and BLUEFasma, two examples of how economy and environment can and should, in harmony, design the future of the Mediterranean. 

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