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Terre D'Acqua 2022, the winners of the school contest within the Maristanis Project

With 87 works, of which 84 in the drawing category and 3 in the comics category, the MEDSEA Foundation's Terre D’Acqua 2022 Competition ends. The school contest took place from February to March 2022 and it was organized within the Maristanis project in the municipalities involved in the project. 

12 classes of primary and secondary schools of first and second degree, from the municipalities of Terralba, Arborea, Santa Giusta and Oristano, for a total of almost 200 students, between 9 and 18 years old, have participated in the past months, submitting their work on the jury of experts. 

The competition required to make, on a visual and communicative level, the system of values ​​that inextricably binds the inhabitants to the environment of the wetlands. The selection was made on the basis of the relevance and relevance of the content, quality of the paper (aesthetic value, originality, creativity, degree of complexity, path of conception) and the ability to transfer the knowledge learned on the chosen topic. 

There were five winning classes, two for the "drawing" section, three for the "comic" section, which won an educational kit on wetlands that will be delivered in the next few weeks; all other classes have received a MEDSEA certificate as wetland ambassadors. 

Here are the winners:


COMICS category, the winner: 

class 5 ^ C Liceo De Castro, Oristano 

Drawing by Francesco Contu and classmates 

Teacher R. Barrui 


Motivation: technically perfect from a graphic point of view, the story tells by revealing one detail at a time about the naturalistic peculiarities of the area, motivating curiosity, putting a stop to the instincts of predatory man and highlighting the need to find a constant balance between man and nature for a serene and peaceful coexistence. The message of respect is clear and convincing. 


COMICS category, the winner: 

classe 1^ D, Scuola Secondaria Istituto Comprensivo di Terralba, Terralba 

Teacher V. Neri  


Motivation: Water birds decide to finally trust the unreliable man. They know their survival depends on him. Then they come together to launch a message of protection in chorus and this is done by the species most at risk. They are very wary and afraid. They decide to trust on humans and… they discover that coexistence is possible and that, indeed, it is already in place. In the background of the Marceddì lagoon, a colorful cartoon, with characters in harmony and expressing friendship, solidarity and a great sense of civilization and community. 


category, the winner: 

Class 5a A, primary school of Santa Giusta 

Teacher R. Cadoni 


Motivation: a comic that tells all the precious things in the daily life of one of the municipalities of the Maristanis ponds and does so by responding to the curiosity of a relative who comes from far and from “the big city”. But also, with the curiosity of the eyes of a child who marvels at the everyday, often invisible to the eyes. 


DRAWING Category, the winner: 

Class 3a A, seconday school in Terralba 

Teacher M. Sechi 



Motivation: A reasoned and well-executed work, with the use of multiple materials. The message is effective and leads the reader to observe, but also take responsibility for doing. As symbolically it was for the realization of collective work. It is enough to observe the wetlands individually to love them immediately, but one hand is certainly not enough to protect them, you need many. Everyone has to do their part. 


DRAWING Category, the winner: 

class 5a C, primary school of Arborea 

Teachers: R. Consolo, C. Batzella


Motivation: From granfather to grandson, a precious environment that must be preserved over time, a commitment that is renewed generation by generation, a family promise. A simple, clear and effective message. 

The classwork:

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