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Giancarlo Gusmaroli, MEDSEA ambassador, to the conquest of the Mediterranean from above

Last summer he walks us by kayak around Sicily to tell us about the threats and beauty of our Mediterranean Sea in the #CantoDelMediterraneo project, covering 900 km in 36 days along the circumnavigation of the island. 

The trailer!


Our MEDSEA sea ambassador Giancarlo Gusmaroli, environmental engineer and expert in aquatic ecosystems has set off on a new mission with #HugTheMed. 

In #HugTheMed Giancarlo will climb the peaks of all the highest mountains in the Mediterranean basin, covering 40000 Meters to feet, in 3 continents, 19 states and 17 peaks, to send out a symbolic message. Each peak reached will be a part that will make up this “great hug”. 

Here is his itinerary: 


“I have had a dream since I was a child - says Giancarlo - to embrace the Mediterranean. Holding tightly to the cradle of our civilization, embracing it on to the warmth of the blue that reflects us, let him feel my care. Over the years the dream has become many ideas, including sails inflated by the winds of the four quadrants, worn soles on the edges of three continents and obviously also paddle strokes marked on the blue. But almost half of the coastal path is not safe and therefore the ideas have not yet become a completed project. Until a few weeks ago ".

From the highest point of each country, witness of our many millenary cultures, the ambassador of MEDSEA will speak to the common sea, which "unites us and does not separate us, which needs care to nourish us again, which knows - from the waters of rivers it receives - everything we do between the peaks and the coasts that surround it”.


Not even the time to announce this new mission that Giancarlo has already reached the first peak on 9 May 2022 in Monte Corno Nero (Qurnat al-Sawda '), the highest peak in Lebanon and in the entire Middle East, at 3,088 meters above sea level.

Here a pic of this moment:



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