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World Wetlands Day Sardegna 2023: Let's talk about Sardinia Wetlands

Preparations are underway for the month of ponds and lagoons next February. The World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on February 2 to mark the birth of the 1971 RAMSAR convention which recognizes for the first time the ecological and environmental role of wetlands and establishes the parameters that identify those considered priority and of international relevance. The event - especially in recent years - is celebrated throughout the month of February across the Mediterranean with conferences, events, exhibitions and visits, and aims to raise world awareness of the vital role of wetlands for people and the planet. 

The MEDSEA foundation puts together a calendar of themed events every year. Last year over forty events took place in Sardinia, in collaboration with numerous associations, businesses and administrations, especially in the Oristano area with hundreds of visitors who found themselves visiting the wetlands and experiencing them in a completely different way, even for the first time. 

This year we are pleased to relaunch the call to communicate the Sardinian wetlands! 

For this reason, we invite associations, companies, municipalities and bodies to organize offers, menus, visits, activities, extraordinary openings and themed initiatives in the cities of Sardinia that fall within a wetland throughout the month of February. 

Do you need any idea? Check out last year's schedule. 

If you want to organize or propose something, send your proposal to MEDSEA email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 20.1.2023 to participate in the shared calendar. 

Your event format should ideally be composed as in the example below: 

Period/date: FEBRUARY 13/26 
Where: Mistras Lagoon (9.30-12.30) 
Organized by: Cooperativa XX (eventually, in collaboration with...) 
To whom it is dedicated: for everyone, price €30 per person. Min. 4/max. 8 people
Attach one or more photos in good quality which will be used for the cards and press material. 

The joint calendar will be promoted in the press, social media and web on the Foundation's channels 



The theme of this year's World Wetlands Day is: Time to restore the wetlands! 

At the link of the official WWD site all the materials are available for your lesson, dissemination, promo cards, numbers and statistics…! 


Did you know that we have lost 35% of our planet's wetlands over the last 50 years? 

All this with the idea that they were superfluous and unhealthy environments. In the light of today’s climate emergency, wetlands, such as ponds, lagoons, lakes, peatlands etc… have now been widely re-evaluated among the primary nature-based solutions that can mitigate the effects of climate change, as well as being home for millions of aquatic and terrestrial species and a source of livelihood for over 1 billion people on our planet. 

Therefore, it’s necessary that all Mediterranean regions, cities and businesses that have known the value of these environments for some time and experience it every day, give a strong signal inviting everyone to discover them and get to know them better on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day (February 2nd) which in Sardinia it will last for the whole month. 

Only by increasing collective awareness and sensitivity towards wetlands we can improve the sense of protection towards these precious environments, a necessary condition for their restoration and protection. 


Sardinia, with currently 9 RAMSAR areas out of 57 areas identified in Italy and as much as 17% of the total national area, is one of the regions with the greatest quantity and extension of these important basins, mostly coastal, including the last born at the mouth of the Rio Posada River. 

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