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Smart Geo Survey alla CET di Las Vegas, l'evento tech più importante al mondo, il 5-8 gennaio 2023 (2)

CES 2023 is only a few days away in Las Vegas and this year will host some Sardinian tech startups, among them Smart Geo Survey, the Sardinian based company, born within the Maristanis project. The most important trade fair in the world dedicated to consumer electronics will be held in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January: this year a dozen start-ups, selected by Sardegna Ricerche, will exhibit and present themselves. 

Among these, the Smart Geo Survey srl, a start-up led by Andrea Liverani, also born thanks to the activities with the farms of the Oristano area within Maristanis, coordinated by our Foundation, in collaboration with Coldiretti Oristano, which will bring technology and results of two years of successes in the field of precision agriculture with the aid of drones. Smart Geo Survey’s team will also introduce new models under development that will soon allow predictive algorithms able to forecast the needs of plants, both at a phytosanitary level and at a nutritional and water level. 

The Sardinian start-ups will present their innovative systems born on the island but ready to make room on the global market between precision agriculture, artificial security, 3D modeling of a radon-sensitive air purifier and an IoT system for smart waste management. 

In addition to Smart Geo Survey, Alert Genius, Athlos Srl, Creecon, Footure Lab, Linkalab, Radoff, Atlas Games, WiData and XRIT will also exhibit. Of the selected Italian startups, 20% is represented by Sardinian companies. 

“We will bring Sardinian-born technologies to one of the most important appointments in the world in terms of innovation and we will measure ourselves with the best companies from all over the world in terms of technology, - explains Andrea Liverano - we hope to create new contacts and new synergies and capitalize on the experiences gained in Sardinia, with our companies, also within the Maristanis project”. 

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