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MEDSEA and Civil Protection: United in the Fight Against Fires Amplified by Climate Change

In recent days, MEDSEA's land reforestation unit visited the operational centre of the regional civil protection in Cagliari and the CVA in Pula. The goal? To delve deeper into the prevention and rescue activities adopted by the region and to discuss the upcoming activities for the fall, particularly with the reforestation campaign "Hope for Sennariolo" in Montiferru.  

This meeting was not an isolated event but was part of a broader context. In fact, the opportunity arose during the days of the Island X Prix of Extreme E, the renowned international competition of electric SUVs that recently took place in Sardinia. Extreme-e, a supporter of MEDSEA in mitigating the effects of climate change, wanted to involve its drivers in a morning of training dedicated to the topic of fires. 

Welcoming the delegation, coordinated by Carlo Poddi and Maria Francesca Nonne from the MEDSEA team, were: Daniela Pani, from the general management of the Civil Protection of the Sardinia Region; Mauro Merella, Head of the Emergency Planning and Coordination Service; Stefania Murranca, Director of the fire service and logistics of the forestry and environmental surveillance body. Completing the institutional representation was also the regional environmental councilor, Marco Porcu.  

During the visit, the operational procedures within the base were illustrated. Those present were able to witness an emergency simulation with a helicopter, a very informative moment demonstrating the efficiency and preparedness of the teams. Moreover, the meeting also served to discuss the adoption of new technologies. Among these, the use of virtual reality (VR) for monitoring and training activities, a significant step forward in emergency management and staff training, currently in the testing and evaluation phase. 

This meeting underscored the importance of collaboration between different entities in the fight against fires, climate change, and the environmental challenges of our time. 




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