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SATURN: First monitoring of the anti trawling barriers off the Sinis Coast

In recent days, off the coasts of Sinis and the Sinis Marine Protected Area, monitoring of the anti-trawling barriers positioned on the seabed took place. 

Over 60 deterrents, which last February were placed between 30-40 metres on sandy seabeds to protect the habitats of the marine protected area and to counteract the threat of illegal trawling fishing, were part of the SATURN project - Anti-trawling Systems for the protection and natural restoration of the marine protected area of the Sinis peninsula.  

The project, in collaboration with the Flag Pescando Sardegna Centro Occidentale and the Marine Protected Area, was funded by Feamp Funds 2014/2020 of the regional agency Argea with the aim of protecting, safeguarding the seabeds, and promoting natural restoration, including fish repopulation. 

In recent weeks, the first monitoring checks were carried out, conducted by the IAS-CNR institute (Oristano) - Institute for the study of Anthropogenic Impacts and Sustainability in the marine environment. The artificial barriers, monitored with an underwater drone, are beginning to integrate perfectly with the marine environment thanks to colonisation by various organisms; on this occasion, it was also a pleasure to observe the presence of squid eggs. 

In the coming years, subsequent monitoring will serve to detect not only the state of repopulation of marine fauna and flora in the area but also any attempts at wrongdoing. 



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