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MEDSEA and the Assemini municipality reward students' new environmental awarness

“We are underestimating the situation, we should have tackled the problem long ago, when the first industries were invented. We should only use renewable sources: we can harness the energy of the tides, wind, and from solar panels”. Alice Tunis’ (II B) statement is frank as the closure of the script in which she proposed a reversal of pedagogical roles: when it comes to the environment, children should be the teachers. Her considerations won in the essays category of the competition organized for the municipal middle schools by the Assemini Departments of Culture and Public education, "The universe is your home, if you win education wins!". Over one hundred works including written texts, videos and artistic works were delivered at the MEDSEA Foundation headquarters, which was entrusted with picking the winners by the commissioners Rachele Garau and Cristiana Margherita Ruggiu.

"It was very difficult to choose, the works were all of a good standard, all capable of describing the dramatic moment that characterizes the relationship between man and nature" explained Maria Pala, expert in environmental sciences of the foundation, to pupils, teachers and parents gathered for the award ceremony in the council chamber of the Assemini town hall, on Wednesday 15 January. In the art category that gathered paintings, small sculptures and graphic designs won the poster of Alessandra Vacca, III D, with "New environmental awareness". From a polluted earth a swarm of individuals migrates to a very close Mars, on the northern pole of which an avant-garde stands observing the future. “I have tried to give my best, I am very happy. We don't need another planet, we have to take care of the one we have. The idea came to me thinking about how many resources are used in space research".

An ex-aequo forced itself in the audio-video category. The poetry and catchiness of "Only a flower can save me", a song written and sung by Raffaele Tebai (III M), and Giacomo Usai’s (III C) rigorous journalistic approach, which declined the great global themes in the context of his town, expressed two different styles parallel though in asking the community for a new environmental attitude. "I also participated in Let’s clean up the world, the other initiative organized by the municipality. I didn't expect to win, when I was called I couldn't move from the chair. I hope the message has passed, that there is more attention among my fellow citizens on the topic of waste", says Giacomo. "I wanted to sensitize people with a small song, I often take part in clean-ups, especially in the summer", echoes Simone.

“The council is very attentive to the environmental issue. The competition has been an opportunity to investigate the citizens of the future. It was very exciting to see how much passion our little townsmen put in their works. We are very proud of them", says Culture Councilor Garau. "We need the discourses made by Alice, Alessandra, Giacomo, Raffaele and all the other participants to be embraced also by adults, who become the shared rule of everyday life", adds the mayor Sabrina Licheri.

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