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A new challenge on climate change for MEDSEA with "Enseres"

The MEDSEA foundation has been awarded the contract “ENSERES” (ENhancing Socio-Ecological RESilience in Mediterranean coastal areas) funded under the ENI CBC MED program with a budget of 1 million euros which aims to reinforce the ecological and social resilience of coastal communities in the Mediterranean. With the coordination of the University of Malaga, in addition to the MEDSEA foundation, will take part partners from Spain, France, Lebanon and Tunisia and Jordan.

The main objective of the ENSERES project is to promote a new coastal zone management model based on natural resources and the quality of ecosystems. The project is aimed at public authorities, the private sector and local communities.

The coastal areas of the Mediterranean are among the most vulnerable in Europe in the face of socio-economic and environmental changes. Furthermore, the coastal countries of the Mediterranean are considered among the most exposed to climate change because they undergo numerous impacts, for example: extreme weather events, scarcity of water resources, increased risk of fires, decreased carbon storage capacity and loss of biodiversity.

ENSERES promotes innovative coastal zone planning and management models that will allow local communities to face and adapt to global changes.

Foto ©️ Egidio Trainito

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