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MEDSEA together with Zenith to restore marine ecosystems

Bolstering its commitment to environmental action and a cleaner future, ZENITH is announcing its partnership with the MEDSEA foundation.  

Supported by the ZENITH HORIZ-ON platform as part of the brand’s growing number of initiatives and associations to tackle the effects of climate change, MEDSEA is a nascent project with a long-term plan for the coming years to fight climate change and halt biodiversity’s loss in the Mediterranean.  


“It's easy to overlook how the magnificent Mediterranean Sea is in fact one of the most polluted seas in the world. As Europeans, the Mediterranean holds a fond place in all our hearts, and the time to act and reverse years of neglect is now. That is why today, I’m humbled and proud to announce that ZENITH is lending its support to this project, which is already showing very promising results and is a perfect fit for our HORIZ-ON platform for corporate social responsibility and environmental action”, stated ZENITH CEO Julien Tornare. 


MEDSEA founder Alessio Satta shared, "We are delighted to have undertaken a long-term strategy with ZENITH for the restoration of coastal marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean. For us at MEDSEA, it is very important to take concrete restoration actions that generate a tangible impact. With partners like ZENITH, with whom we share values such as perseverance and determination, we will be seeking more ambitious goals and results. It's definitely the time to reach our star!". 


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