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Roamers Sardinia Edition: the worldwide bikepackers' meetup supports "A Forest for bees"

From 19 to 21 May is Roamers Sardinia edition, 200 Km between Olbia, GolfoAranci and Monte Limbara in a bike camp among a million bike packers from all over the world, a community of "artists on the run and day dreamers. 

Registration is open for an edition of great international appeal, organised by Panniers, the world's leading bike accessory manufacturers and partners. 

This year MEDSEA is a legacy partner for this edition of ROAMERS: a part of the registration fee will go to finance "A Forest for Bees", the new MEDSEA project for the creation of half a hectare of nectar forest for bees and other pollinators. 

Worldwide, pollinator populations are declining. Bees, among all, play a key role in maintaining natural balance and ensuring food security. Bees pollinate one third of the world's crops and are responsible for approximately 75% of the pollination of all living plant species on the planet. Since the 1990s, beehives have suffered dangerous mass die-offs with at least a quarter of bee species in decline globally. Despite a missing long-term assessment of global trends, “declines in the abundance and diversity of bee species have been reported locally, regionally and nationally across several continents.” It is estimated that, without pollinators, half the amount of fruit and vegetables will not be able to grow and a third of supermarket food products will not be available. 

The objective of the "A Forest for bees" project is to create a "nectariferous forest" of about 0.5 hectares (approximately 1470 melliferous plants) for the shelter and grazing of pollinating insects, birds and wildlife, in in line with the indications of the EU strategy on biodiversity for 2030 / Nature and territory. 

A new dream is born in the saddle! Sign up, contribute to the project and spread the word! 


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