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The bench realized from mussel shells waste on display at the Milan Design week

The bench made from mussel waste - as the result of the collaboration between MEDSEA, the Nieddittas company and the University of Cagliari (Department of Civil, Environmental and Architecture Engineering DICAAR) - was exhibited at the Milan Design Week, from 18 to 23 April, in the rooms of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts within the "Vivarium" exhibition.   

 “Vivarium”, the exhibition promoted by Materially and TotalTool - for Milan Design Week 2023 - explored the theme of bio-based materials and nature: fundamental elements in the growth and future of the new generations. 

Nieddittas - who has been collaborating for some time with the MEDSEA foundation for the study and implementation of circular economy projects - exhibited his sustainability and environmental protection latest activities, including the creation of the islet made from the shells of mussels for the shelter of migratory birds in the wetlands of Sardinia.  

The bench exposed is the result of the "Blue Eco Lab" experimentation labs in the activities at sea, with the aim of recovering waste from fish production through the design of eco-design solutions. A renewed outdoor model, with two seats - designed by the eco designer Paola Riviezzo - whose concept at the basis of the design was born by observing the pallets used for the transport of fish products: polypropylene elements which, once used, are destined for the cycle some waste. 


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