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Three appointments in Sardinia with Sara Segantin, writer and co-founder of Fridays for Future Italy

In dialogue with the experts of the MEDSEA foundation, the writer – activist will talk about climate and environment on 9 October at the Open Water Challenge in Torregrande, at the Marconi Institute and at the Fico d’India in Cagliari.

Sara Segantin, writer and one of the founders of “Fridays for Future” in Italy, will be in Sardinia for a of her latest novel’s presentation tour, “Non siamo eroi” (Fabbri editore).

The first meeting will be held on October 9 in Torregrande (4 pm), at the Green Village of the “Open Water Challenge“, the sporting and cultural event taking place for 10 days at the seafront of the small town of Oristano. Monday 11.10, at 11.30 am, the writer will meet the students of the Marconi Institute in Cagliari, in via Pisano 7. Lastly, in the afternoon of the same day (at 5 pm) the author will be a guest of the Fico d’India, kiosk on the Poetto seafront, within the literary festival Entula, in collaboration with the cultural association Liberòs.

The presentation of “Non siamo eroi” (We are not heroes), a coming-of-age novel where environmentalism, adventure and feelings are intertwined in a “call” to civil passion, will be an opportunity to deal with the very current and dramatic issues related to nature and climate change.
Sara Segantin is the ambassador of MEDSEA, a foundation based in Cagliari that since 2015 has been carrying out important conservation and sustainable development projects in marine and coastal areas, in Sardinia and in the Mediterranean. The experts of the MEDSEA foundation, Vania Statzu, Luca Foschi and Giulia Eremita, will interact with the writer in the short but intense journey through the themes of literature, activism and the environmental crisis, which affects the island as well as the rest of the planet.


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