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#ADayInTheWetlands: the winners of the contest

With a report from the Lagoon of Murta Maria, in the municipality of Olbia, which tells of the narrative interweaving between man, birds and nature of the wetlands, from a double point of view, that of a father and that of a child, he wins the MEDSEA award #ADayInTheWetlands Gianluca Flore (@gianlucaflore)! 

The MEDSEA #ADayInTheWetlands photo contest on Instagram which took place on the occasion of World Wetlands Day from 4 to 28 February 2023 asked to spend and tell their day in the wetlands and to capture the moment! 


Gianluca Flore 


Murta Maria Lagoon (Olbia) 

The jury, made up of Angelo Camba (director and creative producer), Vania Statzu (vice president of MEDSEA, representing the MEDSEA Foundation), Francesca Figus (expert in Marketing and Communication, representing the Nieddittas company), Giulia Eremita (expert in and journalist) evaluated 244 contributions, photos and videos, and selected the most interesting contribution with the following motivation: 

“The gallery that captures different and unprecedented aspects of wetlands in the passing of the baton from father to daughter. The careful observation of the various aspects of the lagoon is striking: from the flight to the stop of birds in search of food, from the discreet passage of animals to the work of man who procures food. All elements that follow a natural cycle. A report that tells of the harmony between man, animals, nature and the lagoon over the passage of time, where everything finds an order". 

Gianluca Flore wins the GoPRO Hero 11 Action Camera, offered by MEDSEA Foundation. 

Furthermore, this year's edition also included the special mention Nieddittas #WWDSardegna which was assigned to Matteo Podda (@fl_matteo) 

Matteo was awarded a visit for 2 to the Nieddittas mussel farm with an overnight stay + € 100.00 voucher that can be spent at the Arborea shop or with the home delivery service with online order at (only in the locations served). 


The jury explains its choice as follows: “The photographer was able to find those escape routes from our daily lives precisely where man has changed the environment that surrounds him. Just "like in those moments when you sit on a rickety bridge built by fishermen and you remain to contemplate something still so immense that we often fail to see". 

#ADayInTheWetlands with #WWDSardegna and related calendar of events was organized by the MEDSEA foundation on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day "World Wetlands Day" which is celebrated every year on February 2nd.  

The page of the contest with the rules and the report with the results is available on this page. 

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