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The Luna Rossa’s “Winglet” goes to auction, to benefit MEDSEA for the reforestation of the Posidonia meadow in Sardinia

From 29 September until 7 October, the Sotheby's auction house is selling the iconic foil “winglet” of the AC75, a crucial component of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli boat sailed by the team during the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland, to support one of the marine habitat restoration projects of the MEDSEA foundation.

Sotheby's "Life is Beautiful: Milan" auction opened on Wednesday 29 September, the latest chapter in the series, showcasing a selection of art, design objects and luxury items which highlight Italy’s impeccable craftsmanship. Alongside jewelry and bags, watches and pieces of art, the offerings also include the foil winglet of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli AC75 boat, one of the highlights of the collection, which will be sold to benefit one of the projects for the restoration of coastal marine ecosystems managed by the Sardinian MEDSEA foundation.

The bidding for the “foil winglet” of Luna Rossa, designed to cruise above the surface of the sea, starts at 8000 - 12000€, with bidding open online until October the 7th. The collector's item has been made from a three-dimensional metal printing technology and it was first used by the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team during the 36th America's Cup held in Auckland earlier this year. The America’s Cup isn’t just a race - one of the most prestigious in the world -, it is also an opportunity to showcase the progress of yacht design and materials. The object could become an iconic element in the evolution of foiling yachts. Proceeds from the auction will go the MEDSEA Foundation to support its campaign to restore and replant Posidonia oceanica – more commonly known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed - using eco-friendly and biodegradable substrates in the Marine protected area of Capo Carbonara in Sardinia. Please find further information here.

Max Sirena, Team Director and Skipper of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, said: “For the auction we have chosen a particularly characterizing and distinctive piece of the AC75 Luna Rossa. These new boats are able to navigate above the surface of the sea thanks to the foil system to which the winglet is connected, an element that encompasses design, innovation and the renowned Made in Italy craftsmanship. Never before has the issue of sustainability and ocean protection been such a challenge that has come to involve everyone. For this reason and as a sign of appreciation for the Sardinian community - which for years has represented our home, we have decided to donate the proceeds to support a restoration project of the marine ecosystems in Sardinia.”

Alessio Satta, MEDSEA foundation president, added: “Posidonia oceanica meadows experienced a strong declining trend in the Mediterranean. More than 30% of seagrass areal extent has been lost in the last 50 years. This urgently call for restoration of degraded Posidonia ecosystems. MEDSEA's mission is to restore and protect Mediterranean ecosystems and biodiversity and this donation, along with the commitment of the other companies that have decided to engage with us for the sea and the environment in Sardinia, will allow concrete results to revitalize marine life and tackle climate change in the southern-east coast of Sardinia”.

Luna Rossa's commitment to the reforestation of Posidonia oceanica in Sardinia, together with that of Prada, announced on the occasion of the launch of the SS 2022 menswear fashion show in June, and the network of Sardinian companies of the Blue Community MEDSEA, adds an important element to the Foundation's collective project for the protection and restoration of marine-coastal habitats.

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